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Meet Renee


I grew up in the small town of Winters, California in a close-knit family of entertainers. I acquired my love for music and dance at the young age of four and am heavily influenced by my Latin roots, which include Spanish, Mexican and Nicaraguan heritage.

In the fall of 1999, I made the decision to make the move to Nashville to pursue a country music career. I created my own special version of Latin country that we liked to call “country music with a twist of lime!” My big break came in the spring of 2003 when RCA Records offered me a recording contract and paired me with producer David Malloy.

After completing nearly half of my debut album and preparing to release my first single and embark on a radio tour, I unexpectedly lost my deal.  I took a much needed break from the music business to grow, reflect and find the passion that brought me to Nashville in the first place, but also rolled the dice on a new chapter in my life – parenthood.

My husband Tom and I were ready to start a family and in no time were pregnant with our first child Rosemary.  Being a mom changed everything for me.  My priorities were different and I settled into a new and often more rewarding place in life. While I continued to perform professionally in various local and regional gigs, my focus was on my family and we soon had baby number two on the way – daughter Amelia.

RGRFamilyCLike most moms, I was always looking for ways to lose the baby weight and feel like myself again.  That’s when I discovered Zumba®!  I attended my first class at the YMCA and had a blast!  I met new friends, danced my pants off and loved the Latin rhythms!  That’s when the light bulb went off.  Why not get certified in Zumba® and teach my own classes?  I started off slow and found a couple spots to teach in my community, but quickly realized that I could build a business around this worldwide phenomenon and the drop-in fitness trend.

My dream was to open a studio where anyone at any fitness level could come be part of something special. A place where good people support and encourage each other. A safe place to put ourselves “back on the list” and feel good! A place where fitness can be both fun and affordable!

That’s Renee’s Groove Room. A place that no matter where you are on your fitness journey – you belong! I am proud of what we’ve built, the work we’ve accomplished and the community of friends and supporters we’re creating.  Come join us and find your groove! 

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