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  • We’re excited to announce that our new RGR key tags are in!  Starting in June, we’ll begin transitioning all of you paper card holders over to this more convenient (and harder to lose!) method of checking in!  The key tags are connected to our new studio software platform from MindBody and will be unique to […]

  •  We’re very excited about the new classes we are currently offering and those that are coming soon!If you haven’t noticed, the morning schedule at the Groove Room has really picked up, including a variety of Zumba®, Zumba® Sentao and Zumba® Gold classes now on the schedule! Our Barre Fitness and Barre Bootcamp classes have also become […]

  • We’re really looking forward to staying in touch more often in 2014!  We’re proud to announce a new monthly eNewsletter set to launch in April that will bring you all of the latest Groove Room news, updates, events and special offers in an easy-to-read and shareable format. And, for those of you who are interested, we […]

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